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How does one mattress really fit all?

At Sommuto we have collaborated with one of Australia’s largest manufacturers to create the best mattress we believe will fit all. Our mattresses are built to a quality, not a price.

What layers are in a Sommuto?

1. cool-touch cover is ultra breathable.

Smart fabric: Tempright . This breathable stretch knit cover featuring Thermatex technology ensures a balanced temperature for better sleeping comfort. It absorbs excess heat when your body is warm and releases it as your body cools. The result is a consistent microclimate.

2. premium comfort foam cradles your body.

This advanced comfort foam gently cradles your body whilst allowing for easy movement during the night. Its excellent hygrothermal properties help to dissipate heat and humidity, for a more comfortable sleep.

3. gel-infused memory foam soothes and comforts.

Cool touch gel infused memory foam conforms to your body to provide pressure relieving comfort.

4. unique high-density support core.

Durable, high density foam core provides support and reduces partner disturbance. It’s uniquely engineered with convoluted surface which encourages airflow and channels heat away from your body, refreshing your sleep experience.

Can it be placed on a slat frame? What frame is needed? Can I use it on a standard ensemble base /futon/ floor?

A Sommuto is suitable for any type of bed base including slat-framed beds. If it is a slat frame bed the gaps between the slats can be no greater than 10cm.

Is a Sommuto environmentally friendly?

YES! The materials in your Sommuto have the highest possible level of environmental certification in the furniture industry.

One of the added bonuses of how they are made, is that they are created in a high- tech vacuum chamber which allows any gases that are emitted to be captured and disposed of efficiently and safely.

The materials in your Sommuto have been certified under the GECA 28-2010 v2 Furniture and Fittings - GBCA Recognised Level A, and awarded the Australian Good Environmental Choice Ecolabel. Lic No. JOY-2011.

The Good Environmental Choice label is only awarded to products which have the highest environmental credentials and represent the leading environmentally preferable options in the marketplace.

Is a Sommuto hypo-allergenic?

Yes. All our multi-foam layers have HealthGuardTM embedded in the foam during the manufacturing process. HealthGuardTM provides protection for consumers by significantly reducing dust-mites, moulds and bacteria, one of the major causes of allergies and asthma in the home. Sommuto is approved by Sensitive Choice -National Asthma Council Australia.

How does a Sommuto deal with humidity?

We know how humid it can get in Australia so we purposely have not used latex in our mattress. With the combination of the three layers of foam, our mattresses have been constructed to be able to breathe therefore have no issues with moisture in the air. The first provides breathable air flow while the gel-infused middle layer dissipates heat, allowing the foundation layer’s airformed top to disperse the heat effectively.

Will normal sheets fit a Sommuto?

Sommuto currently offers 5 different sized mattresses to suit your needs. All of our sizes are to the Australian standard of a single, king single, double, queen and king so no need to purchase new bed linen.

We may also have some exciting news in this category in the near future.

Is a Sommuto appropriate for all age groups?

A Sommuto is suitable for anyone of any age, and its highly supported construction makes it particularly appealing to our older customers and children alike. The positive feedback we have received from our customers has been overwhelming.

Am I meant to rotate or flip my Sommuto?

With multi-foam technology, your Sommuto is designed to be one sided so there is no need to flip it. However, rotation is recommended every three months.

Is a Sommuto as good as a spring mattress?

We believe it is better. Innerspring mattress technology has been around for a long time. Memory-foam is a new state-of-the-art technology; it is a revolution as metal springs are becoming obsolete. Hybrid and foam mattresses now represent around 30% of the market and are increasing.

Based on independent studies, statistics show that people prefer sleeping on non- spring mattresses.

Does a Sommuto reduce partner disturbance?

Yes, a Sommuto typically provides reduced partner disturbance because of our unique multi-layered foam construction.

I want a latex mattress, because I have heard they are the best. Is a Sommuto as good as a latex mattress?

We believe it a Sommuto is better. A Sommuto is constructed using 3 layers of different types of foam for superior comfort. We have purposely not used latex in our mattress because latex shields against the comfort qualities that are created with todays foams. Latex also doesn’t breathe which can result in overheating, and while you can make latex pillows breath by drilling holes through it, that technique simply doesn’t work on mattresses, the mattress breaks down.

I have back/neck problems will a Sommuto give me the support I need?

It’s difficult to say because everyone’s sleep posture is different, but our 100 morning guarantee gives you the perfect way to find out.

The Sommuto is very supportive and comfortable. When you lie on it, the heat from your body softens it in appropriate points helping to support your body along the curves and natural lines of the body. This helps relieve pain meaning a more refreshing sleep. If you require pressure relief then this is your perfect mattress.

How long does it take your body to get used to a new mattress?

Most people fall completely in love with their Sommuto on the first sleep, but it may take your body a few nights to adjust to this new level of comfort. You’ve probably been sleeping on your old mattress for a few years and it takes a little while to train your body to sleep with better support.

We recommend trying it for 14 days and if you are not completely happy, we’ll provide you with a full refund.

How does the sleep trial work?

We believe that you have to spend more than a few minutes on a mattress to know if it's right for you. That's why we offer you a 100 morning sleep trial. To give your body time to adjust we ask you to try your brand new Sommuto for a minimum of 14 days. If you haven't woke up refreshed for 14 mornings, you can return it no questions asked by visiting our returns page.

Is a Sommuto Australian made?

Your Sommuto is produced entirely in Australia. We are extremely proud to be the only eCommerce mattress company which is part of the Australian Made Campaign.

How can a Sommuto be a quality mattress but so much cheaper than premium mattresses?

The Sommuto Process

Sommuto is an Australian brand that offers premium mattresses that can be purchased online and delivered directly to your home by cutting out the middleman and the costs associated with that.

How does Sommuto compare to other online mattress shops?

We set out to create the highest quality product at the best price without comparison to anyone. We didn’t have a price in mind; it is about quality for us. A more comparable product is the Tempur mattress, which start at $3500.

Do you sell: bases/pillows/toppers/manchester?

Sommuto currently produce and sell mattresses but may consider extending their range in the future.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

If you don’t have a credit card, no worries, we also offer payment through PayPal and zipMoney.

Do you offer finance?

YES! 12 Months interest free through zipMoney. 12 installments with NO deposit. zipMoney is a simple and convenient online payment option that lets you buy now and pay later with no credit card required.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

NO! Your Sommuto is delivered to your door free of charge, ANYWHERE in Australia!

What are the dimensions of a Sommuto?

Size Width Length Height
Single 92cm 188cm 26cm
King Single 107cm 203cm 26cm
Double 138cm 188cm 26cm
Queen 153cm 203cm 26cm
King 183cm 203cm 26cm

Which charity do the returns go to, how do they get there?

If you are not 100% happy with your Sommuto after 100 nights, we’ll give you a full refund. Any Sommuto that’s returned is donated to an Australian charity to help people in need have a refreshing sleep. We work with a number of different charities around Australia varying from state to state. We will either arrange for the mattress to be collected by one of our drivers or the charity within your state.

How long delivery to Brisbane/ Sydney/ Melbourne/ Perth/ Adelaide/ Tasmania/ Regional areas?

Delivery times vary for metro and regional areas but we generally allow 1-2 days for deliveries in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney, 2-3 days for Adelaide, Hobart & Perth and 4-5 days for regional areas.

Doesn’t being folded damage the mattress?

Due to our memory foam technology, our mattresses are designed to bounce back into shape as soon as they are removed from the box. The mattress can stay in the box for up to 4 weeks without affecting the shape, and our Australian factory produces them just in time for shipping.

How long will it take for my Sommuto to take shape?

Mere minutes! It is actually faster than what you imagine, have your camera in hand, by the time you are ready to take a selfie it will be ready!

Can my Sommuto stay in the box for an extended time?

We understand that life gets busy and you may not have time to unpack your Sommuto, no problem! We do ask that you don’t leave your mattress in the box for any longer than 4 weeks as it may compromise the integrity of the foam.

Can you compress a Sommuto back down?

No, compressing the mattress for initial transport requires a very specialised and large industrial set of machines.

If I want to return it do I have to pay postage/freight? And how do I get it back in the box?

No, there is no charge to return it. Once a mattress has been unpacked from its box, it cannot be compressed again. However, if you do wish to return it we will happily arrange for a local charity group to collect it from your home as it is, or for it to be delivered to a recycling centre.

Our 10 year guarantee.

Sommuto gives to the original purchaser a 10 year guarantee on this product against defects in workmanship and materials. Please refer to our guarantee located on our website for further information.